News Of Maricopa

My name is Howard WaGGner. Welcome to my site.
Photography is my passion. I started shooting professionally in 1978 when I sold my first photo to UPI. It was of cows running from a raging brushfire. Since then I have had photos published in many major publications throughout the world, including Time, Newsweek, USA Today, Billboard and many others.
I stopped shooting in 1996 as I needed something a little steadier and I was not up for retooling everything to digital as the digital technology was just not good enough at the time. My reviews of some of the first attempts at professional digital equipment were less than favorable.
Times have changed and, after moving to Maricopa, I found that I could rekindle my passion. I mainly shoot local events and local news. I have found some great outlets in the last few years.
This site, however, is not about me. It is about the community around me. Please enjoy the photos I post. If you live in Maricopa, Az, you may very well run across photos of you!

Thank you for visiting News of Maricopa. (Bio photo by 7 year old Daniel WaGGner)

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